Actor/Actress Wanted Other Work סרטים בעיברית
Welcome to BananasFilm site. My name is Gil Cohen I live at Sydney Australia. I love to make short films, and I am looking for acting talents (Actor/Actress Wanted at Sydney) so I can do more variety of films for film contests and internet. At the moment this is the only English work I have, if you like to review more work I did, please check the Hebrew films as well.
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Shaving my balls...
Length : 00:32
Actor: Aviatar.

The Masculine Test
Length : 01:46
Actors: Erin Marshall,
Chad Mathew, Stefan Kent
Warren, Hilit, Ryan & Shosh

Arab Spring... in a nutshell
Length : 00:42
Created by George Casimatis
Voices: Gilbert Straw

The Pope Apology ?!?!?
Length : 01:00
Created by Gil Cohen
Actors: Stefan K,
Heather McGarry,
Gil Cohen.

The French Commando
Length : 01:23
Created by Gil & Daniel
Actors: Stefan K,
Chad Mathew, Gil Cohen
Sound Track: KarmaMC

Annoying People Repellent
Length : 01:31
Created by Gil Cohen
Actors: Shosh Lewis,
Paul James & Stefan Kent

That is all folks, but with your help and participation we can increase the count of movies on this site.